Private World of Scandinavian beauty

Sofacompany brand spirit

Sofacompany is brand furniture retail store from Denmark. Sofacompany's products are retro style tables and sofas of the 50s, 60s, 70s. More precisely, they are considered to represent modern Scandinavian style.

Most of the designs feature natural oak legs with beautiful colored stripes - characteristic of Scandinavian interior styles. However, the brand spirit of Sofacompany is that customers can completely design the sofa the way they like, whether it is the foot of the chair, chair shape or fabric color. Sofacompany brings a free world for Scandinavian style lovers!

From Denmark to Vietnam

Originating in Denmark, Sofacompany is the incubation of Christian Rudolph and Cathrine Rudolph to challenge the current furniture industry. They bring sofas with beautiful designs, standard materials and the most competitive price. To do this, Sofacompany owns everything from design, production to online retailing, shipping and installation. Products reach customers without any intermediaries. This is really a new transition for the Vietnamese furniture market.

If you are also a lover of minimalist, elegant Nordic beauty, visit Sofacompany's showroom to see the beautiful designs!

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