Our mission since 2012: to revolutionize the furniture industry. For us, the sofa is the heart of any home. That is why we have set out to challenge the conservative furniture industry with widely accessible, high-quality and innovative Danish design. We do this by taking over the entire value chain ourselves, from design and production to sales and customer service. That way, we can cut out unnecessary expenses for dealers. Read more about our concept and sustainability initiatives below.

We are constantly refining our work and enhancing our brand name

After seven years of uninterrupted success, we change our name from Sofakompagniet to SOFACOMPANY. The name change is based on our great success at home and abroad, where we are experiencing an increasing demand for a player that challenges the traditional furniture industry.

It all started with the dream of our two designers and founders, to challenge the existing and conservative furniture industry with high-quality and beautiful Danish furniture design at the best price. This resulted in a simple concept with online sales, where we as a company handle all stages of the process - design, production, sales and delivery, so that all expensive intermediaries are cut off for your benefit.

We have been on a fantastic growth journey for the past seven years. It all started with us designing a few  sofa models  and lifting a single container home to test out the concept. All the furniture was torn away, and since then we have experienced the customers' enthusiasm as a true adventure. Inquiries from abroad came quickly, and country by country we have expanded the success to such an extent that today we are present in 11 countries with 24 showrooms.

The sofa company does not sound so good in either German or Dutch, so you can say in good Danish that we have grown out of our Danish name. Before we expand our business in other countries, we want to create a uniform and global brand. That is why we are now changing our name to SOFACOMPANY, as we are already called globally, so that we can continue our growth adventure under one and the same name.

Danish design has a really good reputation - especially in international markets, where it is associated with high quality, but unfortunately also high prices. Our success is the result from innovative design, unique products and services tailored for customer needs, competitive pricing strategy, quality assurance that helps us win our customer's heart. Support, Trust and Advocacy from our customers strengthen our creditability and reputation all over the world.