If you wish to complain about a product that you have bought from Sofacompany, please send an email to [email protected] within a reasonable time.

We strive to process your complaint within 3 business days and try to help/improve it in the best possible way.

In the email, you should include:

  • Your order number.
  • The furnitures serial number (6 digits on the white mark under the furniture, which says "QC passed".
  • Attach 3-5 images: Close-up of the error and overall pictures of the furniture.
  • Detailed description of the problem and when it has occurred.

Using this information, we determine whether the complaint is based on a production or material fault, or if it is due to normal wear and tear or inflicted damage.

As something unique, Sofacompany offers lifetime guarantee on the inside frame. In addition, we provide 30 month warranty on all items for private use.

The warranty does not include:

  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Defective goods caused by lack of proper maintenance.
  • Incorrect installation and setup.
  • Velour that change colour, when the light hits the fabric from different angles. This is not a fault, but a natural occurrence with velour.
  • Fading. Even the most colored fabric will fade, if it's exposed to sunlight daily. We recommend that you choose fabrics with hight lightness, if furnitures are to be placed in full sunlight.
  • Spillovers from other objects and clothing, as wall as stains from food, liquids and alike.
  • Sentence in upholstery materials, such as foam, feathers and springs.
  • All textiles extract surplus fibers from the surface of the furnitures, also called philling. It is not a mistake, but a natural part of the materiale. Mostly, it is fiber from plaids and clothes you will see. If you experience philling on the furnitures, we recommend to use an electric lint remover, which is a small machine for the purpose of removing philling.

Most of our sofas have a very thin black lining underneath the sofa. It has no practical or aesthetic purpose once the sofa is put into place. A small hole in the lining does not warrant a complaint.

If we feel the complaint is justified, we solve the issue through replacement of spare parts, repair or exchange. All costs will be covered by Sofacompany, if you live in Vietnam.

Complaints regards defects, that should be discovered by the usual examination of the items when delivered, must be notified to Sofacompany within a reasonable time.

We look forward to helping you!